About Us

We have been making and selling unique wood crafts and art for 28 years. For the past 15 years, we have been using mainly local Ontario, Canada wood recovered from public works tree removals, town dumps and farmers' fields that is harvested and processed by five suppliers to provide a unique basis for our work. We also use hundreds of original designs created by Jacob over the same timeframe which, when combined with the local wood result in unique creations such as the piece to the right which is made from a piece of willow with a natural edge or the piece on the left of our home page which is made from a natural edge piece of walnut.

The main tool that we use is a scroll saw which is the only saw that can cut interior holes such as the ones in the pictures. A scroll saw is a power tool that works with a very fine 5 inch blade that is inserted in a small hole drilled in the wood to permit cutting the pieces of the design. Many of our creations have hundreds of holes that collectively result in a unique creation.

The Zodiac design on our home page consists of 12 individually cut pieces that assemble into a twelve pointed star approximately 2 1/2 feet across.

We hope to start selling some of our work online soon but for now we are limited to DragonCon and other science fiction conventions and local Toronto area shows.

Fantasies I Saw

by Jacob and  Wayme Fowler